Featured Card - Public Toilet

It seems fitting to make our first featured card the Public Toilet question because it was this card that first showed us M@NDAYS is really something special. The card tasks players with predicting whether the dealer sits or hovers when using a public toilet. Now, you might be thinking what most of the people we’ve played with thought: guys usually stand when using a public toilet, making the question one-sided. However, a seemingly harmless lunch burrito can easily send anyone limping toward that office bathroom on another floor that most of your co-workers haven’t discovered yet.

Whether it’s at the office, a superstore, or somewhere else in public, there comes a time where we all have a decision to make. It’s part of the human condition, but no one ever talks about it. That’s partly because it’s somewhat taboo, but typically it’s just not an interesting topic of conversation. Nonetheless, we decided to give the question a go in the early prototype, and it made the night one of the most memorable of our lives.

A conversation was sparked about how amazing it is to be the first person to use a public toilet after it’s been cleaned. Little things in life often have a profound impact on a person’s mood and perception of their entire day. A clean public toilet is something so simple and mundane, but our conversation evolved into an almost competitive one, sharing stories of clean bathrooms we’ve found in the most unlikely places. It was so silly and whimsical, but it was evident that we had all set aside the frustrations of daily life and were just living in the moment. Then it happened.

You see, one of our close friends is extremely germaphobic, so we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear how he’d respond. At first, he said he doesn’t use public toilets, which wasn’t very satisfying for the rest of us, given our heightened anticipation. We started prodding, offering hypothetical situations where he would be forced to use the throne until he finally confessed the backup plan he’s used in the past. He described for us this tactical maneuver where he hangs his jacket on the hook inside the stall door and holds on to the sleeves to hover precariously over the toilet seat. I can’t remember the last time we laughed so hard...not at him, rather at how ingenious his solution is. Germaphobia is legit, and no one likes being ill. I’ve just never heard a more clever solution to such a simple situation.

That answer was the talk of the night and all I could think about the next day. I couldn’t get that image out of my head, so I fired up my rudimentary Photoshop skills to create what I thought that situation might look like. I call it Mission: Impoopable. We’ve since set a M@NDAYS Mandate allowing anyone to refuse to answer a question, so before making your predictions, you should consider that someone may claim they don’t use public toilets. Choose wisely.

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