Enhance Your M@NDAYS Experience with Rewards and Consequences

After playing the first few games of the original M@NDAYS prototype, we began to notice a competitive spirit emerging within our group. We wanted to raise the stakes, so we started rewarding the winner of each game by buying their shot, covering the cost of their meal, and eventually splitting their entire tab. Well, it worked. Our games became very competitive and even more memorable, but the rewards soon began to escalate beyond our budgets, which led us to start experimenting with consequences for losing.

I drafted a deck of consequences called “Man Cards” from which the losing player would draw the top card and perform whatever challenge was presented. The challenges included things like executing a specified number of push-ups, eating a sushi roll filled with only wasabi, or photobombing a stranger. These were originally assigned at the end of the game to only the person in last place, but it didn’t take long before we were assigning Man Cards to someone at the end of each round. This was a huge gamechanger, especially for those of us who really didn’t want to do push-ups on the floor of a bar (props to Staff Sergeant James Smith who was the first to drop and knock out 5 without flinching).

We're still polishing that gem for release in an upcoming pack, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear what rewards and consequences you use to enhance your game. Tell your story below and connect with Social Experiment Gaming on Facebook and Twitter.

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